RVRSLP001: Blue Motion – Kiss The Stars – LP Sampler



Label: Reverse Audio Group

Catalogue number: RVRSLP001

Release date: 18 March 2013

Tracks: 4

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Review from JunoDownload: 

Ever tried to kiss a star? NOT recommended. It’ll take you millions of light years to get to the one you really fancy, and by the time you get there, they’ll already be dead. Sad, eh? Well cheer yourself with this selection of deep, dreamy D&B compositions. Preparing for his album, the label boss has teamed up with various peers for four widescreen audio adventures. “Everything Is Nothing” is an Autonomic halfstep number with all manner of lacy winks and twinkles. “Drowned In Stars” develops the groove with an insatiable clicky riddim and sexy breathy vocal. “Catch A Falling Star” shoots us into hyperspace with serious levels of trancey charm while the “Drowned In Stars VIP” manages to combine classic dub ambience with tripped out jungle amens. Amen to that!

  • Blue Motion & Amplitude – Everything Is Nothing 
  • Blue Motion & Keosz – Drowned In Stars
  • Blue Motion – Catch A Falling Star
  • Blue Motion & Keosz – Drowned In Stars (Keosz VIP)