Reverse Audio Group website is online

RE Profilovkaa

Ladies and gentleman. We are really proud to present to you the new Reverse Audio Group website. We were working hard and now we are bringing you all the label info, news, releases and artists on one page. We were trying to make it as simple as possible so you have an easy and nice overview about our label. A big thank you goes to Keosz for creating the new label graphics and to Kpek for the hard work on the site.

As I said before, the site is as simple as possible so there is no need to write down a manual 🙂 I will rather say something about the things we are preparing for the future. In future we will upgrade the artist section, so there will be no artist biographies but a nice funny questionary with funny answers from our artists.  We already have some of the questionaries in our inbox and they are looking great. We will also make a download section, where you will find the free stuff from our artists and label. And finally, but this will take quite a while, we will prepare a shop, where you will be able to buy the old releases in your favourite formats and you will be also able to buy new releases before they go to the retail.

We hope you will enjoy the new page as much as we do. For more links and more info about the label, check out the contact section.